Thursday, December 18, 2008

Introduction - Please Read

Currently there are 28 accredited veterinary schools in USA, which is not near enough to accept all applicants that dream to be veternairy erinarians.. The application is long, arduous, and stressful. Given the vast number of qualified applicants schools only accept the top applicants, and unfortunately decline many others. As you would expect, competition for these spots is fierce. I know there are many students and people out there that dream of being accepted into veterinary school, and I want to help all of you.

I hope my blog can help you maximize you application in simple, easy ways. I don’t have a golden that can magically get anyone accepted to veterinary school, but rather loads of information that I learned from professors, advisors, veterinarians, and other veterinary students that will make you application all that it can be. Please read though my posts and I really think it will help your chances of being accepted to veterinary school. This site is intended to help anyone interest in veterinary school, weather you’re a 6th grader, high school student, undergrad, or working adult this information will help you. It is never to early to prepare to apply for veterinary school!

Also, I will include some of my personal experiences form veterinary school to help those of you wondering if really want to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life in veterinary school. So, get ready for some tales of the real life of a veterinary student.

I will try and help you in the fallowing areas of your application:

Work experience- in my opinion the key aspect of your application.

Letter of recommendation- These will make or break your application.

Personal statement- An essay written by each applicant. Although the prompts will vary, this is where you answer the question ‘Why do you want to be a Veterinarian?”

Grade Transcripts- to verify grade and test scores.

Interview- to test your communication skills

These are all very different and important aspects of you application. I will try and give you helpful tips for each of these categories. Please comment on any posts that you have a question on or need clarification.

Also, as a side note, I am not a professional writer by any means, so I apologize in advance for any misspellings or grammar errors that are sure to occur. Also, I myself am in veterinary school, so if there is delay between posts I apologize but my life is pretty busy.

Thank you and I hope you will find the blog both informational and entertaining! Now, lets get started by building the most important aspect of your application.

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Anonymous said...

hey! are there any more posts coming!!??? i want to be a vet, (always have) and i have been working sooo hard to attain this goal, please keep the great advicwe coming so i can realize my goal!!!

Anonymous said...

With competition being so fierce to get into vet school, it seems like that would mean every single graduate would turn out to be an excellent practitioner. However, I have found that quite the opposite is true. I have had a number of cats and dogs over the past 20 plus years, all of whom have had significant illnesses. In the past 12 years in particular, I have encountered one after another of the most unmotivated, uncaring, intellectually lazy vets one could imagine. And I live in a progressive metropolitan area! Do you think you might be able to shed some light on this? How do I find a good vet? Thanks!

Brianna (high school student) said...

um hi what is ur name? i'm doind an english project and would like to know.

Anonymous said...

Will you please fix your use of "weather" to "whether"? Weather is the temperature outside, while whether is used as "Whether you are a high school student...".

Anonymous said...

Hello there! Not sure if you still check your blog or not but first, I want to say thank you for all the information you are giving us with your experiences and more. It gives people who are pursuing to be a vet something to look at for advice and help. Second, I myself am a vet major currently studying to get my undergrad degree in biology but for some time now have been having doubts about wanting to pursue a career in veterinary. Since I was in middle school I have always dreamed of becoming a vet and set it as a goal. I love animals with a passion and actually getting a dog a few years back is what made me want to pursue a career in veterinary. But like I said, I have been having doubts lately about whether I can do all the hard work that comes with it or not. I feel embarrassed because I am 23 and still studying to get my undergrad degree and also I don't have a lot of knowledge about animals i feel like compared to others at my age who would if they were studying vet. I guess what I'am trying to say is if you have ever doubted yourself about becoming a vet and if so, what did you do to or how did you overcome those doubts to certain yourself that you wanted to be a vet?

Cynthia Bullock said...

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