Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reviews of textbooks for Veterinary School (updated)

I wanted to up date this section some to also help out current vet students. Textbooks are expensive, so I wanted to put together some reviews of some books I have and recommend.  Please write a comment if you have any specific questions about a book. More reviews to come!

I thought I would write a brief review over some of the more helpful books that I have purchased over the course of veterinary school. These books are particularly helpful if your in vet school, but even if your not in vet school yet they are quite interesting. It's never to early to start studying, and if your working in a veterinary clinic these will help you understand the various treatments, drugs, diseases, or surgical procedures you see. I will add more books as I have the time. Also, all books come with free shipping, and when you order now you can even get a free trial of amazon prime, which is 2-day free shipping!

What is a veterinary consult?
Some books I listed have the option to be purchase with the veterinary consult feature, so I listed the normal book as well as the veterinary consult version. These books come with a CD and a code that lets you search the book on your computer. You can highlight sections, add study notes, and even search multiple books at once. A great tool for books that you reference a lot. They are more expensive, but is worth it for the time it could save you.

Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease
This book has just about everything you will ever need to know about veterinary pathology. The pictures and figures are very good, which is very important in pathology since many diagnosis is largely based on what it looks like. I once heard the author or publisher of this book wanted the pictures to look perfect, and even printed to book on special paper to make the photos look their best. Therefore, the book is quite large and heavy. But given all the helpful info inside, it’s worth it.

Medical Physiology
I have an older edition of this book, and it contains a lot of info and good pictures. It’s a helpful and often required book for those first physiology classes vet students have to take. Many student struggle in physiology so it’s good to have a resource you can rely on. Heck if you’re a real go getter, pick one up and start reading to get ready for your eventual vet school days. It’s never too early to start studying.

Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary
This is a huge book, that can really come in handy. The name says it all, it clearly defines all the medical terms you’re bound to come in contact with while in school. It’s relatively cheap, so its worth picking up. Helps to understand other classes’ books or notes if they are written with lots of medical jargon.

Textbook of Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology
I really liked this book. Radiology is not an easy class. This book really helped clarify many confusing topics from class. A Must Buy

Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook
This book is a must for any and all vet students and professionals. Tells you dosage, uses, adverse effects of all the veterinary drugs. Great reference you will use for years. A Must Buy

Colour Atlas of Clinical Anatomy of the Dog and Cat - Softcover Version
I recently discovered this book, and wished I knew it existed long ago. Great for 1st year students getting into anatomy class. Has actual photos of the muscles, vessels, and nerves you will need to identify. Many dissection guides just have drawings that really don’t do much good. So, do yourself a favor and pick this up, I can almost guarantee all your classmates will want to borrow it.

Small Animal Internal Medicine
This is an excellent book. It covers the vast majority of medical problems faced by companion animals. It is very easy to read and filled with useful information. Arranged well, easy to find all the info that you’re looking for. A must buy

Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 
This is an excellent book that I highly recommend to all students interested in small animal practice. This book has every detail on etiology, diagnosis, and  treatment for just about every medical problem that one may encounter in small animal medicine. Also, this is the book I see residents and clinicians refer to the most while on clinics.  This book is actually 2 books if that tells you how much information it contains. It is also for this reason I highly recommend getting the expert consult edition so you can get online access. Therefore, you can use it while on clinics or anywhere else you want without having to haul around the books. I probably refer to this book more than to any other during my final 2 years of vet school. Also, will be much used resource after graduation.  A must buy for anyone interested in small animal medicine. 

Differential Diagnosis in Small Animal Medicine
A great book for students in their 4th year of veterinary school. This book has list of differential diagnosis based on physical exam findings, historical findings,  radiographic signs, biochemical abnormalities, and so forth. It’s the most complete and through differential diagnosis book I have seen and its  simple to use. I highly recommend this book for vet students in their 4th year. 


Anonymous said...

Jon, thank you so much for making this blog! I'm about to start college as an animal science major for pre-vet and these tips are so great to show me what other types of experience I need to get and the connections I need to make the next four years with professors. You must be extremely busy with all your classes in vet school and it was great for you to take the time to help others with these goals. Thanks again Jon!

nicole said...

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for making thsi blog. I am in 7th grade and have wanted to be a vet ever since I grew out of wanting to be a ballerina stage in second grade. I want to become a vet so that I can save animals lives, I know that you can't always save an animals life, but in the end it will make me feel better that I tried. This blog will help me when I grow older and I hope you keep posting becaus these are great tips for aspiring vets. Thank you
- Nicole

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I am a senior in high school and just began to realize how hard it is to get into Vet school...I already feel as if I'm behind a good 5yrs. As you said, it's never too early to start studying and becoming a vet is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Im wanting to go in to the Vet program. But i want to do big and small animals.
This blog was very helpful by the way.

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