Thursday, December 25, 2008

Applying to Veterinary School : Ross University

What is Ross University?

If you are currently a pre-veterinary student, you probably have heard of and received emails from Ross University. They often advertise to pre-veterinary students about their website or seminars. However, is Ross University a good choice for you?

First off, Ross University is a completely legitimate way for students to earn their DVM. I have met several of their students, and they were all well-educated and had no negative reviews of Ross University.

So, what is exactly is Ross University?
Ross University is a veterinary/medical school located in the Caribbean. The veterinary school was founded in 1982 and is proud to be affiliated with 21 (out of a total of 28) American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited schools of veterinary medicine. In my experience, some students will begin their veterinary school education at Ross University, and then transfer to one of their affiliated AVMA veterinary schools that are located in the continental USA. In fact, every Ross student must transfer to one of these affiliated vet schools in their final year in order to do their clinical rotations.

So, why should you go to Ross University?
I do not have any hard facts to back up this statement, but I believe it is "easier "to be admitted into Ross University as opposed to the other veterinary schools in the US. This is not because Ross is an easier school that offers a lower degree of education, but in my opinion, it is because the competition is lower. Most pre-veterinary students prefer to apply to the veterinary schools found in the continental US because they're closer to home, and they probably have never heard of Ross University growing up. I know many people grow up dreaming of going to certain vet school, and Ross is typically not one of them. However, the bottom line is that Ross offers a quality veterinary education in a beautiful environment.

So, why not apply to Ross University?
Well, the distance from their homes is a big reason why many students may be uncomfortable attending Ross University. Also, this is just what I have heard from some students, but the case load and clinical experience that you are exposed to is less than what you would see at a veterinary school in the US. Ross University is located on an island, so the amount of cases available is limited. Also, you will eventually have to go elsewhere to finish your education, which is a hassle and does not allow students to bond as classmates like other veterinary students. Furthermore, many students are under the impression that Ross offers a lower standard of education than other veterinary schools. This last fact is extremely over-hyped. Ross University offers an excellent education. I know students get caught up in the vet school "rankings," but you have to remember that a DVM is a DVM no matter where you earn it. I will have a post on how to choose the vet school you apply to soon.

To conclude, although there are some disadvantages to Ross Univeristy, it is a very good option for veterinary school. They offer a quality and sound veterinary education to their students. I have talked with and had classes with several Ross students and they are all very knowledabe. So, don't just ignore those emails. Read them and look into Ross University as an option when applying to veterinary school. If you want more information on Ross Veterinary School, please visit their links on this page.

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