Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School Time

First I would like to thank all my readers out there that have taken time to read my blog over the past few has really flown by. I know I am behind in answering many questions out there, and I will continue to answer them. Also, pleas visit all my posts as some of them my answer questions that you have.

As you might have guessed, I graduated from vet school last year. Sonce then I have been working at a small animal clinic. It has been a lot of fun and I continue to learn more everyday. It keep me busy, so again I apologize for not answering questions as quickly these days.

as many of you do head back to school please support this site by purchasing you books or school supplies on Amazon through that link or the other ads on my site. I am part the Amazon Associates Program. By purchasing your back to school supplies and textbooks through my site it help support me and does not add any cost to you whatsoever. I tried to recommend a few veterinary books as well in other blog posts of mine as well.


Anonymous said...

Hey great work on your blog - amazing that with your studies you have the time to work on a blog like this - I am working on a site for veterinary techs at VeterinaryTechOnlineand you have given me some great ideas on what to include - and don't forget to include some great links on your site for vet tech training books and supplies too - just a tip and best of luck in your studies.

melhiatt said...

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